REdeploy is REturning!

May 1, 2019

Last year, Mary Thengvall and I embarked on a journey to produce the software development and operations industry’s first conference on how to sustainably build and promote resilience in code & technology, teams, and individual people.

And thus was born REdeploy.

Today, I’m happy to announce: REdeploy is REturning for 2019!

REdeploy Logo
Resilience Engineering requires we look at our technology, our teams, and ourselves

We’ll be continuing the conversations on Resilience and Chaos Engineering we started last year, further exploring the bleeding edge of technical, operational, and operator practice, and bringing together a community of practitioners from around the world who are using the concepts of Resilience Engineering today to wrestle with the ever-increasing complexity of their systems and obtain better outcomes for the software they write, the services they operate, and the businesses they’re responsible for.

Now for the Important Details:

  • REdeploy will be held October 16 and 17, 2019, at Bespoke (the same beautiful venue as last year!) in San Francisco
  • The CFP is also opening today
  • Hatchling ticket are on sale today

If you’re wondering whether Resilience and Chaos Engineering or REdeploy are right for you, check out the talks from last year, including world-class, internationally recognized speakers John Allspaw, Jessica Kerr, David Blank-Edelman, Nora Jones, Hannah Foxwell, VM Brasseur, Matt Broberg, and Matty Stratton, as well as new community voices such as Paul Carleton and Lee Kussman.

To stay up-to-date on all the goings-on for REdeploy 2019, you can follow us on Twitter @REdeployConf or join our (low traffic!) mailing list.

And we hope to see you in San Francisco in October!