Just six years since its inception, DevOps has taken the industry by storm, restructuring development and operations teams and reinvigorating the way we ship software.

But what is DevOps? Is it tools? Is it culture? Is it more?

Paul works with organizations of all sizes to make sense of what DevOps means, beyond "breakin' down silos" or "Devs and Ops workin' together," to help them discover what it means to their teams, in the context of their market and their specific product space.


There's no doubt, we write and ship software in a complex world. But what kind of complexity is your team encountering that makes their lives harder? And how can your wrangle it?

Paul's methods to help your team increase its velocity and ability to simply ship their work are complexity informed. This makes them resilient to the changing environments and pressures facing your teams.

This helps your team to understand how to simplify the obvious things, make the complicated problems possible, and make the complex world navigable.


Continuous delivery of value to the marketplace is often the goal or organizations working toward a DevOps-world for their teams.

Many of the hurdles on the path to Continuous Delivery and DevOps end up being release engineering issues.

Paul has over fiften years of experience solving wicked build/release engineering problems with teams. This allows Paul to bring a unique perspective to the issues facing organizations, born from time spent in the trenches with teams, shipping everything from daily updates to web applications to internal systems-of-record serving millions of internal and external customers.

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