"As our business and our systems grew, it was important that our processes grew with it. As a recognized leader in the space, we reached out to Paul to help us evaluate our infrastructure automation. Paul was able to come into our organization and quickly get up to speed on our workflows and existing delivery pipeline.

Paul's unique ability to understand the high-level flow across our value stream and then drop down to details and work with our teams to implement improved tools and processes helped our organization to implement real change and improvement."

Jim Kimball, Chief Technology Officer

"Postbox ships on two platforms, in ten languages and includes software updates. Releases used to consist of many error prone steps taking two days to complete. Paul developed an automated process tailored to meet all of our requirements, reducing our release time to just a few hours and eliminating all of the manual mistake prone steps.

Thanks to Paul's help, we are able to generate our releases more efficiently and with more confidence - allowing us to stay focused on what we do best: improving our product for our users."

Scott MacGregor, Founder

"Paul worked with us to transition our preliminary build infrastructure to one much more robust and able to keep up with the demands of our agile software process. In addition to our own internal builds Paul helped to define and implement software and build processes to meet the needs of our tier one global partners.

The systems put in place have been reliable and continue to output nightly builds for months without further attention."

John Gaunt, Director of Engineering